Washington DC Metrorail

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The Washington Metrorail System is DC's metro system.  It consists of five lines (red, blue, orange, yellow and green) that span a distance of 106 miles.  The 86 stations cover nearly all major tourist attractions in the capital.  The lines converge at different stations.

Visitors to Washington DC can pick up a metro "Pocket Guide" that includes a map of he network and identifies popular tourist attractions near each station.

Washington Metrorail System
Washington DC Metrorail System

Metro fares range from $1.45 to $2.45, depending on the distance travelled and the time of day.  Day pases cost $8.30 while a week long pass will put you back $41.

Please visit the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority website for comprehensive transit information including free maps, fare information, current transit schedules and a soft copy of the pocket guide previously mentioned.

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